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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> we have a sell off in the nasdac thanks very much john good to see you. sell off in the nasdac which has been much higher and hit a record high reversing now down just one point though, another day, another stock market move, also the downside, that's the countdown. >> investors are iing tax reform and a new plan has the market seeing a little red today. the dow ending the down looks like down about 85 points. the s & p is also falling further away from record territory,, and the nasdac if it has any green at all, even if it's just a fraction of one point it's going to be another record, but right now, they're all good. hi, everybody. i'm david. >> i'm mel us a this is after the bell. first here is what else we are covering during this very busy hour ahead. breaking developments in the indictment of paul manafort, former trump campaign manager just pleading not guilty to all charges including conspiracy against the united states. and now the white house firing
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back, plus republicans turning up the heat on democrats demanding answers in the uranium one deal and the fusion gps scandal. we are following the money to find out who paid for the anti- trump dossier and the indictment is putting pressure on the trump agenda in just two days republicans will reveal their plan to overhaul the nation's tax code what will it mean for your family's bottom line? we're going to ask congressman tom reed, a member of the tax writing house and ways committee that's the only thing that matters. >> david: you got to ask somebody in the house ways and means. back to the markets the dow taking a hit following a new report republicans are considering phasing in corporate tax cuts. why? laurie rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we'll deal with the why in a moment but how did that affect stocks, laurie? >> already it: we had all kinds of messages coming from the stock market today david and just a few minutes ago the market caught a bid so we'll
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close off the lows to the session and the word on the street here is that people are pretty confident that jerome powell will be president trump's pick for fed chair that announcement coming on thursday. so that took some uncertainty out of the marketplace but we are still despite the losses today on track for solid monthly gains tomorrow halloween of course the last trading day of october but look at this the dow is still up 4% as of today. the s & p and nasdac each up around 2% not too bad so as you said stocks did take a leg down and most of the precious came because of five years perhaps too little too late to get down to a 20% corporate tax rate. i know you'll discuss that throughout your hour. some other news worth noting here from the floor. calling off a merger monday after years of negotiations, saying that it's now backing away from t-mobile and don't forget 80% of sprint and soft bank is a little concerned of possibly having to give up control of sprint as they merge with t-mobile so they're backing
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away interest that proposed deal and shares of both companies in response got hammered, sprint down 9%. all right here is a look at netflix down .6 of 1% and late breaking news netflix announcing it will end house of cards after six seasons, because of star kevin spacey's allegations of sexual misconduct. leave it at that back to you. >> david: thank you. melissa? >> melissa: so the white house is not buying the phased in plan for corporate tax cuts. adam is on capitol hill with the latest. say it isn't so. >> adam: well this proposal is out there. reported about this phase in going from 35% to 20% in early october and you would drop from 35%, 3% every year for five five years. use bed to 20% by 202 # but blake burman, our white house correspondent asked sarah sanders the press secretary is this really something the president would allow or will he
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stick to the line in the sand and 20% immediately, here is what she said. >> sarah: the president laid out his principles and it doesn't include the phasing in so we're still committed to that moving forward. i'm not drawing a red line i'm saying those are the principles we've laid and haven't adjusted or changed them since this process started. >> and so we are expecting the details of the tax reform bill from the house ways and means committee from chairman brady on wednesday, but we know the negotiations continue on the 401 (k) situation, with the potential cap on pre-tax contributions of 401 (k) at $ 2400 but raising the amount you could contribute overall is a kind of rothification, but the pay the taxes on the contributions above $2400 and then the issue of the state and local tax deduction. representatives from new york republicans meeting with the white house talking on the phone with them later they don't want the repeal of the deduction for state and local taxes. lee z eldan, one of the people part of the conference call meeting here is what he said earlier today on fox business.
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>> lee: we get less back on the dollar where there's these other states getting $2 back on the dollar and i agree that we need our state and local governments to be more responsible with their spending but for us it's 60 days from now to be going from 100% to 0% it's just bad policy. >> so possible compromise for the state and local tax repeal of those deductions would be allowing people to still deduct their property taxes. the bottom line to both of you as i throw it back is this cake is not baked. there's still mixing the betty crocker back to you. >> melissa: all right adam. >> david: let's bring in today 's panel adam had from fortune he's also fox news contributor. liz we have been here before and in 1981 ronald reagan was forced to phase in his tax cuts it was phased in over a two year period and guess what those two years we had a recession. now, it may not have been the only cause of the recession but we didn't come out of the recession until the tax cuts
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kicked in in 1983 and look what happened. we went up 4.6% next year up 7.3 % in the gdp. phasing in doesn't work. >> well, i think it creates all kinds of distortions. basically managers are going to be waiting until those lower tax rates really come through before making investment decisions and expanding and so forth, so i agree. i think that this is a distortion. look these tax writers continue to look for revenues to make this work. my view is they need to get a little more creative. rewrite the rules a little bit. we know that the democrats would be doing that if they were in charge, expand the number of years over which they have to balance the numbers, change the rules under reconciliation. they can do this and they need to do it rather than really upset the apple cart and not come up with a good tax policy. >> david: adam, silicon valley what do they want to see in a new tax bill?
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>> adam: well, so the number one thing silicon valley looking for other than corporate tax rates which is what every company is looking for is the ability to repatriate their foreign assets without a penalty their interests aren't terribly complicated in terms of tax reform. >> david: so the indictment news of paul manafort we're going to be coming back to our panel rocking the nation so how is the white house responding to the bombshell surrounding president trump's former campaign manager? blake burman has the reaction for us. blake? >> blake: a federal judge set bond for paul manafort at $10 million, $5 million for his byssaceous yacht rick gates. this 31-page indictment spells out 12 different counts and when you sort of break it all down it essentially accuses paul manafort of fax fraud, money laundering to the tune of $18 million, lying to the department of justice, and not registering as a foreign lobbyist. paul manafort has plead not guilty to all charges. now this indictment does not
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mention president trump at all as it largely takes aim at tall man's business dealings before he got on to the trump campaign. to that end the president sent out a couple tweets this morning in which he said the following, "sorry, but this is years ago before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign b why aren't crooked hillary and the democrat s the focus? " the president goes on to write also there is no collusion. here at the white house, it is very clear what they are trying to do here. the press secretary was trying to draw a big gap between mana fort's business dealings and the trump campaign. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president , has nothing to do with the president's campaign, or campaign activity. the real collusion scandal as we've said several times before has everything to do with the clinton campaign, fusion gps, and russia. >> now democrats say the indictment does prove the need for the special council to continue to operate and to do so independently for example, chuck
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schumer the top democrat in the senate sent out this statement today, "these reported indictments show the special council's probe is ongoing in a very serious way. the rule of law is paramount in america and the investigation must be allowed to proceed un impeded." by the way david the special council office also announced a campaign advisor to president trump had been had admitted rather to lying to federal investigators for his contacts with a russian national. david back to you. >> david: thank you very much. melissa? >> melissa: the white house just weighed in, take a listen. >> we're not worried about us because it doesn't have anything to do with us because this is something that is action that took place outside of the campaign or campaign activity. >> melissa: liz and adam are back to react. liz even if paul manafort, i mean let's assume the worst case scenario that he was working on be half of the russians and trying to infiltrate the campaign, the market apparently didn't think that was going to have any impact on tax policy.
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we didn't see the market move until it heard about this phase- in which by the way the corporate tax rate would be the stupidest thing that ever happened. what do you think? >> liz: i think for one thing this investigation will go on and on, but more importantly much more importantly, it's up to congress to get this tax reform done and it is just as important for republicans in the senate and the house to be successful here, as it is for president trump. they know it and they're going to charge ahead no matter what's going on in the special council 's office and i think that the tea leaves are pretty clear. their jobs depend on it and the american public wants to see this happen. >> melissa: adam what do you think? >> adam: well i agree with liz, i agree 110%. this could be huge for a trump presidency but not soon, right? so they have a limited timeframe they're working on and they have the ability to get something done.
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this stuff is nothing to do with the legislative agenda right now >> melissa: liz, i mean it is a matter of timing as well. it seems like it does make sense that it came out to distract from the fact we did hear just last week about hillary clinton and the dnc paying $5 million to create that dossier that started the investigation of president trump. it's about that, but it doesn't seem like it's related to getting tax reform done because tax reform is right here. it's right in front of us and they have to do it now or never let's go. >> and let's face it they're trying to get something on the president's desk by the end of the year or first quarter absolutely latest so again, i really don't think that the two are particularly connected. i think that this is going to go forward. i certainly hope so because as i say, the nation has elected donald trump for this agenda item in particular, and we need that to happen. >> melissa: adam it does seem like there is at least some common ground on taxes more than any other issue we've seen. i mean it feels like it's closer when you look at healthcare everybody is all over the map. when you look at whose guilty on
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russia everybody is like totally separate teams, but with tax reform, it actually feels like there is some thinking in common and they might finally pull up their boots and get something done. >> adam: well, part of me wants to agree with you but what i'd point out two quick things one is the republicans are doing this sort of behind closed doors without the democrats help and that's only relevant in if they want to get to the scenario you described there might have been a more different way to go about doing it and secondly-- >> melissa: do you think you're not going back and forth and talking to each other abdomen what somebody will vote for? we keep hearing from the democrats where they stand on things they must be all talking about it. >> adam: that's fine they might be but we know they're not in the room as being presented to them rather than done with them and the second point bolsters something liz said. so far the white house is not particularly involved other than president trump tweeting his disapproval of various proposals to get leaked to the public. so far this is a congressional
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and a republican congressional effort. >> melissa: what about steve mnuchin? he's the guy whose had a hundred people change their treasury writing all this stuff. mnuchin has been all over it. he's not part of the trump campaign or team? >> melissa, the democrats won't play ball on this no matter what they could string trump up by his fingernails and that is no going to sway democrats. democrats have been against the tax proposal from day one. >> melissa: go ahead adam. >> adam: it's interesting i'll say i'll throw more mud to muddy the waters even further. i don't necessarily disagree with liz and furthermore the republican fiscal hawks are not necessarily going to go along with this at the end of the day. that's why we're seeing things like these proposals to phase in the tax breaks to lower the hit to the deficit. >> melissa: because they're using their fake math and all their fake tools that based onto ing trying to balance it against rules they've made
4:14 pm
themselves. they've never seen a group of people so overcome by the problems they themselves created but what can you do? >> and so easily intimidated that's what's so offensive. >> melissa: all right guys thank you. >> david: by the way we tried it before phasing in doesn't work. businesses hold off their business decisions until the tax cuts come in, so go forward. now by the way the president said he's not in favor of phas ing in, just for the record. meanwhile ready for a fight? paul manafort and his top aid pleading not guilty to all charges from the mueller probe but the white house insists these charges have nothing to do with the president, so where does the investigation go from here? next former u.s. attorney sound ing off. >> melissa: plus a boiling point for the russia investigation as republicans call for answers on the uranium one deal and anti- trump dossier how that factors into the fbi's investigation. >> david: new fallout from the deadly ambush in niger, coming
4:15 pm
up rex tillerson and pentagon chief james mattis will testify before congress about what happened and what it means for our country's future fights in the war on terror. >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke as far as i used to. due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke
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>> david: the paul manafort indictment former trump campaign manager pleading not guilty to 12 charges including conspiring against the u.s. and failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts joining me now to discuss what could be next for mana fort, former u.s. attorney. joe i've gone through the indictment, i see nothing in this indictment about collusion, about russian collusion or mana fort's work with the trump campaign, so what does this indicate about where mueller is going next? >> joe: well it's hard to tell
4:19 pm
but the most important thing about the indictment is the fact it has nothing to do with the campaign. everything pre-dates the campaign from 2006-2015 and it involves financial transactions by paul manafort and his partner mr. gates, hiding money overseas in foreign bank accounts. nothing to do with the campaign, real estate transactions, money from the russian from ukrainian interests, so the bottom line is this tells us nothing about where the investigation is going >> david: this i would summit up by saying this is very good news for the trump administration? >> certainly if this is all they had against paul manafort which by the way it's a very substantial indictment it's very difficult to defend but if i'm the president, i'm happy as a clam today and i don't think he ever thought there would be anything involving paul manafort and the campaign, because there is no evidence of it that's come publicly in over a year and there's no reason to believe that any more is going to come
4:20 pm
out. >> david: well despite that is there any indication that the president himself is going to be investigated or in fact is pulled into answer questions under oath? >> joe: well i think it would be very difficult for the special counsel to ask the president to answer any questions at this point. there's no predicate for it. moreover, the allegations out there publicly the special counsel might be investigating the obstruction of justice and alleged obstruction of justice by the president for speaking with james comey i want to remind people that the president is the chief law enforcement officer of the united states. he can talk to the attorney general, the fbi director, anybody he wants to. he can tell them to stop investigations. he can tell them to start investigations. people may not like that. it may not be pretty but he has the constitutional authority to do anything he wants in the area of law enforcement within the law. >> david: the other thing that a lot of people are asking is what is the authority of mueller himself. where can he go and you're laugh ing but it's a serious question when you think of
4:21 pm
issues like the russian dossier on donald trump, whether he can go there, like the uranium story whether he can go there. these seem to be legitimate concerns when you're thinking of russia-gate, right? >> yes of course and the answer is he can go anywhere he wants within what's been given to him by rod rosenstein, which is the campaign and people related to that. the uranium one, he can't investigate because he was involved in it as the fbi director investigating uranium one. the dossier which clearly involves democratic party collusion with foreign government officials and intelligence officials is something theoretically he could investigate but i think he probably doesn't want to and i think probably the attorney general is going to be probably forced to appoint a special counsel, another one to investigate the dossier thing. >> david: one final question, tony pedesta quit his brother
4:22 pm
and his brother of course was hillary clinton's campaign manager, john pedesta. apparently and this just shows how the swamp in washington doesn't care if your democrat or republican, pedestaxe and mana fort were working together on this ukrainian project. this is a guy who was apparently in the pocket of putin and that's part of the reason that the whole thing got sucked into the, go ahead into the prosecutor's pocket. >> absolutely you hit on something very important. the manafort indictment deals with activity involving the pede sta group and other groups and the dossier also involves pedesta and other people so the bottom line is this thing has things the democrats are going to regret. they wanted to have a look at russia they're going to get it. >> david: thank you very much joe for that appreciate it. melissa? >> melissa: so the united states sending another strong message to north korea ahead of president trump's visit to asia
4:23 pm
later this week? >> david: right in the middle of all of this the president is going away plus house republican s are getting ready to release their highly anticipated tax plan. what last minute adjustments still need to be made how about getting rid of phasing in and any truth to the report that the gop is considering that phasing in of the corporate tax cuts? we'll be asking congressman tom reed, a member of the house ways and means committee all about it after the break. we all depend on trucks.
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>> in order to stay on pace we want to see a house bill passed by thanksgiving. this is very aggressive timeline but one that will help us get tax cuts this year so families and businesses can plan for 2018 >> melissa: all right we have been waiting for tax reform. no one more eagerly than david and i. house republicans set to unveil their tax reform plan this wednesday in hopes of passing it by thanksgiving, come on, guys. here now republican congressman
4:27 pm
tom reed from new york on the house ways and means committee. we are your biggest cheerleaders here because our economy needs tax reform. our businesses need tax reform. what is this garbage that we are hearing today about this phase- in of the corporate tax break? >> well, that's news to me. i'm not exactly sure where that's coming whose reporting that. i mean obviously it's a very fluid dynamic situation as we get to the finish line but i'm very confident come wednesday we'll be able to rollout the bill and have an open and honest debate and deliver this for the american people in the timeline we've articulated. >> melissa: as far as you know that's not part of it the phase- in? >> i don't know whose reporting that or where it's coming from. we're trying to put immediate relief out there to the american people and to our business community at large. >> melissa: so you talk about immediate relief. congressman peter king was on earlier saying that he doesn't want to raise taxes on anyone. i mean, when you talk about all these different tradeoffs, there are different combinations where you see even if it is wealthy people. don't you want to lower taxes on
4:28 pm
everybody to make the economy boom? >> well sure we would love to be able to do that but we also got a national debt crisis and have to be cognizant of the debt crisis out there. >> melissa: how about spending less? >> i'm with you on that and we can do this in a multi-step process but we want the economic engine of america and to me that's small business america that's main street businesses that's why the business pass through is so important to us and getting internationally competitive that's critical to the future of growth and that's where our sweet spot is that we work threw these final dials. >> melissa: when you hear senator clair mccaskil others talking ability the pass-through they say that's for millionaires and billionaires and they're really taking aim. do you think it's the most vulnerable piece of the puzzle? >> they will do whatever they can politically to try to oppose this. i don't know if they truly want to be the hypocrites many of them are that have been defend ing the 99% and 1% need to pay their fair share. there may be some of this here so i'd hope the democrats would
4:29 pm
work with us to give relief to main street america but at the end of the day this is not about millionaires and billionaires. this is about that economic engine of america that is main street business and the hard working people that are doing well and do you know what they're told when they work well they penalize them for succeeding. >> melissa: we hear what you're saying but it's frustrating when we hear about these rules where you're talking about paying for it and using static accounting which i don't think captures what is going on based on having studied economics for years and to a lot of us it feels like you guys are getting hit by the rules you created. you're the ones that made the rules about how you have to reform things and now i hear people complaining about what we have to pay for it and have to account for it this way. that's frustrating. make us feel better about that. >> well, i will tell you that's the rules of the senate primarily because we got the 51 vote threshold and those are the rules but i do believe in the dynamic effect and i do believe in the growth effect and we can make that good faith argument to the american people. i agree with you. you lighten the tax burden
4:30 pm
especially on the economic engine of america you'll have growth and growth when it goes up half a percent that's trillions of dollars we talk about that helps a lot of families out. >> melissa: people are getting very hopeful listening to all of you on a scale of 1-10, 10 being blessed certitude, how likely do you think it is we see this tax reform get through? >> i'm very confident. there's no alternative path both substantively we cannot take down the broken tax code and politically we have to get it done and that's where the opposition is coming from, politically they need to get the majority of the house. >> melissa: what's the number you have for me my friend? 1-10 give me a number? >> i'm a 10, the eternal optomist. we're going to get it done. >> melissa: i hope you're right. thank you for your time and back to work. >> david: meanwhile refusing to accept a nuclear north korea sending a nuclear capable steth bomber to parts of the pacific
4:31 pm
region, this ahead of president trump's visit on friday. the b2 bomber made the rounds in order for the air-crews to maintain a high state of readiness. we wish them well. >> melissa: paul manafort appearing before a judge this afternoon. we have the very latest surround ing his bombshell indictment. >> david: plus as manafort takes over the news cycle we aren't forgetting about the clintons and the dnc so why is the mainstream media avoiding this collusion story? >> there's clear evidence of the clinton campaign colluding with russian intelligence to spread disinformation and smear the president to influence election. we've been saying from day one there's been no evidence of trump-russia collusion.
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>> he responded the same way the rest of us in the white house have and that's without a lot of reaction. >> melissa: there you go that was president trump's reaction to the indictment of his former campaign manager paul manafort. along with his long time business partner rick gates pleaded not guilty to 12 monstrous charges including conspiracy, money laundering, both men were released on bail, manao fort for $10 million, gates for 5 million, made to turnover their passports and placed under house arrest. here now to weigh in is dan henn iger, deputy editor and fox news contributor. i mean, when you looked at the laundry list of charges, it's
4:36 pm
really only used for one thing. i mean it's pretty damming. >> it's kind of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the russian government these days and it's overwhelming and you know, when you look at it one way, what is going on here seems to be robert mueller the special prosecutor is draining the swamp. >> melissa: interesting. >> this is a story about lobbyists in washington. tony pedesta stepped down from the group because his organization was involved with the same think tank in brussels that the ukrainians had funded which the indictment calls a mouthpiece for the russian leading ukrainian government. i think the people who really have a lot to fear here are these lobbyists in washington, the foreign agents registration act has really not been enforced since about 1966 by the justice department, and i think there's a lot of people in washington running scared has nothing to do with the russian collusion story has a lot to do with the way some of these people made their
4:37 pm
money in washington. >> melissa: that's really interesting. that's an interesting perspective because that would be a huge step forward. i mean everybody outside washington can't believe how much has blossomed and grown and there's all these beautiful buildings and everybody is getting rich and you're wondering how the answer is, all these lobbyists and special interests and maybe both sides of the aisle have mutual interest and disinterest in getting rid of them. that's kind of like a. >> adam: cross party lines. >> i think the average person does not quite appreciate the amounts of money that are made by some of the lobbying firms. this indictment of manafort and gates are talking about millions upon millions of dollars which were flowing from ukraine into their bank accounts and back around to be allegedly laundered but these are huge amounts of money. typically in politics politicians sell out for peanuts but this is not peanuts at all. >> melissa: no and the other part is russian foreign governments trying to get involved. if you look at what we were talking about friday in fusion
4:38 pm
gps and this idea it seems like there is evidence but the clintons and the dnc contributed $5 million to get this dossier made. it wasn't accurate, shopped around, brought it back maybe got wired as a result of it we'll see wiretapped but you look at the effort that is being made by russia to have influence from every side. is anyone minding the shop at home? is there anyone left in russia focusing on russia? seems like they're putting all their effort to getting involved here? >> a lot of their effort is going into destabilizing the western democracy and putin understands as former kgb agent how he used disinformation to unsettle democracies and that's what he was doing here. this is a little bit different though from what went on with the national committee and hillary clinton's campaign through the washington law firm asking the spy to collect more information on the trump dossier which he did and then passing it back to the dnc and hillary
4:39 pm
clinton's campaign. that's not quite the same as feeding the web with a lot of fake news and weird stories. this is a specific act and i do think that the senate intelligence committee as susan collins was suggesting over the weekend really has to hold hearings to try to find out what was going on with that dossier, in addition to which what was the fbi doing with the dossier in 2016. >> melissa: it feels like nothing ever comes, we get ramp ed up for the hearings and they happen and they have nothing afterwards. >> well you know that's what congress is for. these intelligence committees are capable. they could subpoena people if they want to and i think it would be something the american people very much want to know what exactly was going on with the russian med eling and presumably that's what robert mueller is about but this mana fort indictment does not touch the issue of so-called trump collusion with the russian s. it doesn't reach that at all. the dossier does. >> melissa: interesting. dan, always fantastic thank you. >> good to talk with you.
4:40 pm
>> david: well john b calling out his old colleagues with a choice of language that you've never heard from him before. wait until you hear this. >> melissa: plus secretary rex tillerson and jim mattis are getting ready to testify in front of the senate foreign relations committee. we will be taking you live to the pentagon after this break. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits.
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>> melissa: secretary's mattis and tillerson take the hill, both cabinet members set to testify before the senate foreign relations committee in about 20 minutes, regarding the use of military force overseas. this in the wake of the deadly ambush in niger, which left four american servicemen dead. here with more is jennifer griff in. >> there's increasing concern among u.s. lawmakers the troops hutting al qaeda and icy are relying on an old war authorization passed in 2001 just three days after 9/11. you'll remember some on capitol hilares inly said they didn't even know there were 800 u.s. troops in niger. just moments from now the senate foreign relations committee will hear from secretary of state rex tillerson and defense secretary jim mattis. lawmakers want to know whether they need a new war authorization or a umf, and why it took two days to recover the body of sargent ladavid johnson after the ambush. late last week the pentagon said
4:45 pm
he was never left behind. >> what are reporters getting wrong on the niger ambush? >> i think the thing that they got wrong was that we abandoned one of our soldiers. as the chairman said, there was always someone looking for sargent johnson. >> u.s. officials have said american, french or nigerian forces were always looking for sargent johnson amid fears he had been taken captive. his body was discovered by niger forces and a u.s. drone was sent overhead minutes after the attack and it was unarmed. u.s. forces in africa have long complain about the lack of eras es." the hunt for isis in al qaeda is spreading to more countries this year the u.s. military dropped bombs in six different countries libya, syria, iraq, yemen and afghanistan. a new aumf or war authorization has been ill luciferin the past because congress has not been able to get the votes in both this administration and the last have not wanted to con strain
4:46 pm
the pentagon or state department with new narrow authorities limited in time and geography. >> melissa: jennifer thank you. >> david: john boehner un restrained the former speak of the house calling it as he sees it speaking about his former colleagues saying, "goudy, that's my guy even though he doesn't know how to dress, and he then went on to say jordan was a terrorists as a legislator going back to his days in the ohio house and senate. a terrorists, a legislative terrorists." tell us what you really think john. >> melissa: wow yeah seriously. the trump campaign remains the focus of the russia probe but maybe not for long. republican lawmakers demanding members from the clinton campaign and the dnc testify on russian interference. the fall-out is next. who knew that phones would start doing everything?
4:47 pm
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4:50 pm
i am much more interested whether or not the department of justice and the fbi relied upon that dossier in initiating a counter intelligence investigation or in court filings. that is really important to me. >> david: well now that we know that hillary clinton's campaign helped pay for the russian- inspired trump dossier there are calls to find out whether the fbi used the dossier to spy on the trump campaign. is that the russian collusion story that could bear more fruit than the manafort indictment? here now is scott ulinger, a former russian ops officer and current congressional candidate in the state of pennsylvania. good to see you. thank you. >> david: congressman goudy is a serious guy. he's generally very sober and doesn't hype things up so when he says he's worried the fbi might have used what was
4:51 pm
primarily a bogus document that was paid for in part at least by the hillary clinton campaign, he thinks that's a very, that's the most serious piece of this story do you agree? >> there's no question congressman goudy is correct. that is by far the most serious part because we're talking about a dossier disproven, and a very poor piece of intelligence but yet that went up the chain of command of the fbi and the possibility that that was use the as the basis of an investigation into a presidential candidate, this is likely information that the russians deliberately directed at fusion gps. they would deliberately using them as an a funnel of information to subvert the west. >> david: and fusion gps was paid by the democratic national committee and the question is whether the fbi was doing the bidding of one political party out to get another political party. that's really dangerous in a democracy. >> that's right and certainly
4:52 pm
russian intelligence has a history of employing such tactics of using any means available to so discord against a rival government. >> david: i think you just hit exactly what this is all about. the russian intention was not necessarily to help either the trump or the clinton campaign. it was to so discord in our american democracy, to put enough doubt in the minds of americans and they've been doing this for generations that there's something fundamentally wrong with our democratic process and it looks like they made great head way there. >> they did unfortunately and unfortunately because of some of the corruption that we've been seeing in the obama administration, that administration was even more willing to accept this russian propaganda at face value. >> david: let's talk about the most troubling story from the trump perspective and frankly from my perspective as well and that's the sale of a big chunk of u.s. uranium to the corrupt russian agency that deals with a
4:53 pm
government business if you will that deals with all of this and one of their lead officials a guy who was in charge of the russian nuclear program in the united states was arrested in 2015 and they began collecting the fbi began collecting evidence on this guy, right during the period when we agreed to the deal. >> that's right and the deal was there were eight members of the obama administration who presided over the decision whether that sale should be allowed to go forward because of its national security implications. >> david: why didn't the fbi let everybody know what they were investigating in the case i assume they would say because they hadn't nailed down the case yet, but still don't you want to knowing that a deal is impending involving so much of u.s. uranium reserves wouldn't you want to let people know, congress or maybe under closed doors? >> exactly and in your interview a few minutes ago, he pointed out the same thing that mueller being part of the fbi and basically being one of the eight
4:54 pm
votes that voted approval for this plan, he is obviously corrupted himself by doing that, by basically papering over the arrest of mr. mickerin in the united states. they were willing to overlook that russian corruption to move forward with the uranium sale. >> david: what happens now? >> obviously the uranium it's not often used in modern atomic weapons. >> david: can we get it back? is there any recourse? >> that's going to be the problem but more important is that american uranium has been incorporated into perhaps russian arm sales to some other country we have no idea where the russians could possibly be selling this stuff, so i mean, the security national security implications of such a thing are grim that the united states owned uranium could possibly be directed against this that's why it's a huge scandal we'll find out more as time goes on. >> melissa: farmers facing a crisis why our nations farmers are taking out loans just to pay their bills on time, our own
4:55 pm
jeff block has the story next. . . . . we all depend on trucks.
4:56 pm
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liz: backbone of our economy phasing a new battle. farmers sounding the alarm over price of corn. david: it has bottomed. here with details from the gould farm in maple park, illinois is our own jeff flock. hi, jeff. reporter: on this day, david, and melissa, with so much negativity, talk to you about something positive. this is about the efficiency of the american farmer. you're looking at harvest right now, doing so well with the harvest, that prices are terrible. corn was $8 a bushel, now they are $3 a bushel. i have to be careful i don't get close to the out flow of the combine. that is what they do.
4:59 pm
this is, the efficiency of the american farmer. this is why yields are up. take a look at yields and acres planted over the past year. yields up 25%. acrers up 14%. we're doing too good of a job. in order to survive these days, farmers need to get big. chris gould, behind the controls of the combine there, has expanded his acreage. in some way as great story. tell you, if you're in this business and you're paying $880 an acre in terms of input, and you're only getting 350 a bushel? well, you actually wind up losing money. so, some ways a positive story, in some ways a negative story. chilly out here on the farm. that is what they do to it.
5:00 pm
melissa: that is incredible. i'm eating corn as fast as i can. david: no matter how fast you eat it, they are still not making money. part of the problem. jeff flock. thank you very much. melissa: that is amazing. david: we love our farmers. good luck to them. melissa: risk and reward starts right now. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president, has nothing to do with the president or his campaign or campaign activity. the real collusion scandal as we said several times before, has to do with the clinton campaign, fusion gps and russia. there is clear evidence of the clinton campaign colluding with russian intelligence to spread disinformation to smear the president. from day one we have said there is no evidence of trump-russia collusion, and nothing in the indict changeses that at all. liz: paul manafort, and his long-time associate, rick gates pleading not guilty to a dozen federal charges, conspiracy and money laund


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